Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo a Bright Spot for Japanese

Tokyo’s cherry blossom trees bloomed on Monday.The event usually kicks off a two-week frenzy of festivities under the blossoms. But this year the mood is somber. The blossoms not only arrived six days later than usual, but also amid a nuclear crisis that has cast a shadow amongst residents. But some residents found solace in the arrival of spring.[Mitsue Yamazaki, Tokyo Resident]: “There is no point in being depressed all the time, so I think we should all just take a walk outside as it cheers you up.” Others contemplated cancelling their cherry blossom events for fear of being seen as insensitive towards the quake and tsunami survivors struggling to recover. But they decided that it was better to celebrate the happiness of the present.[Chieko Komuro, Spectator]: “We had been planning this for the past three months and we hesitated initially to follow through, but I wanted to capture my daughter’s smile and wanted to make great memories.”[Ryuichi Oda, Photographer]:”In a sense, the flower represents Japan, and I think the Japanese see the cherry blossoms as symbolizing the need to go back to basics in life.” The cherry blossoms are usually in full bloom for about a week.  Mitsue Yamazaki. Source: NTD Television

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