Body Art Festival on Koh Samui island

The human body has become a canvas for painting. Thailand’s hip island resort provides just the right atmosphere. SAMUI ASPIRES TO JOIN THE RANKS OF INTERNATIONAL BODYPAINTING DESTINATIONS by Yanapon Musiket. It takes approximately six hours for her to turn a woman into a colourful orchid. Austrian bodypaint artist Bella Volen, together with her marvellous model, were onstage as part of the press conference for the upcoming “Samui International Bodypainting Competition”, to be held on Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, in Surat Thani province. Hosted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the Koh Samui municipality, the one-of-a-kind showcase is set to put one of Thailand’s best paradise islands on the map as the venue for top international body painting competitions like the “International Body Painting Festival” in Germany, “World Body Painting Festival” in Austria, and the “Canadian Body Painting Festival.” The event is expected to attract both local and international tourists, and stimulate interest in Thai art. It will also bring together artists and models from various countries, such as Austria, Germany, Romania, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Britain, the US and Thailand, who will create exquisite artworks on Koh Samui’s beaches under the theme “Preserve the Paradise.””Body painting is developed from symbols of various tribes since ancient times,” explained Volen, who will also showcase her work at the competition as a representative from Austria. I think body painting is like a kiss mark, it will gradually fade away, but those beautiful memories remain with you for a long time.The competition will be a two-day event (March 26 and 27) with two different themes: “Under the Deep Blue Sea” and “Heaven on Earth”. Besides the competition, visitors will also be able to participate in many fun activities, including nail painting, henna painting, doll painting, and painting on recycled goods.I can’t wait for the event to begin! This is going to be a first for me…to body paint on the beach,” said Volen. “To work in natural surroundings, it would be like bringing human souls closer to nature – and that will give me a lot of inspiration to create my works.”The Samui International Body Painting Competition March 26 and 27, from 5-11pm, in front of the Buddy OrientalSamui BeachResort, Lamai Beach.(Source: Bangkok Post, SAMUI ASPIRES TO JOIN THE RANKS OF INTERNATIONAL BODYPAINTING DESTINATIONS,  Yanapon Musiket)

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