A tribute to Deva Premal

Deva Premal (born in 1970 in Nürnberg(Germany), is a musician known for her meditative spiritual New Age music, which puts ancient Sanskrit mantras into atmospheric, contemporary settings. Deva has toured since 1991, along with her life partner, Miten, offering concerts and chant workshops worldwide. Their record company, Prabhu Music, reports sales of over 900,000 albums. Best-known for her top-selling chant CDs, Deva Premal is a classically trained musician. She grew up singing mantras in a German home permeated with Eastern spirituality. Her albums have topped the New Age charts and popularity polls in yoga studios and healing centers throughout the world since her first release, The Essence, featuring the Gayatri Mantra. Her latest album, Mantras For Precarious Times, which features Deva chanting seven different mantras 108 times each, was created as a support for mantra meditation. She and Miten have also recently released a CD/DVD In Concert: The Yoga of Song and Chant, featuring a concert recorded live in Byron Bay, Australia with Nepalese bansuri flautist Manose. Deva and Miten performed for The Dalai Lama during a 2002 Conference in Munich, Germany on Unity and Duality, which brought top figures from the scientific community together with members of the Buddhist community.They gave a concert for the full conference, and were also invited to sing for the Dalai

Lama at a small pre-conference gathering. They had heard that his favorite mantra was the Tara Mantra, dedicated to the Green Tara of Compassion, and that he had asked for it be chanted recently when he was ill, and so they chanted it for him. Deva began her journey with mantra in her mother’s womb, as her father chanted the Gayatri Mantra to her daily, and it continued to be her bedtime lullaby after she was born. Many years later, she heard a friend singing the Gayatri and was inspired to put together an album featuring it. She and Miten recorded The Essence in her mother’s apartment in Germany, the same one in which she was born and where her parents had sung the Gayatri Mantra to her years before.Deva brought this journey with the Gayatri Mantra full circle in July, 2005, when she and Miten chanted the Gayatri for her father as he was dying: “We kept singing for what must have been over half an hour, when suddenly the monitor showed that he was about to leave. I continued to sing and the last sound he heard as he passed on was his beloved Gayatri Mantra. Finally we ended with the mantra Om and the circle was complete. He had welcomed me onto this planet with the Gayatri and I accompanied him out of this physical existence with it. What a blessing this was for me! It was the first time that I was present at a death, and to be at my father’s is a memory I will cherish all my life.”  Discography;  * The Essence (1998)  * Love Is Space (2000) * Embrace (2002) * Satsang (2002) * Dakshina (2005)  * The Moola Mantra (2007) * Into Silence (2008) (compilation) * In Concert: The Yoga of Sacred Song and Chant (w/Miten & Manose) (2009) (CD/DVD) * Mantras For Precarious Times (2009). ~  GoodNews International

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