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Sorseggiare addirittura un unico bicchiere d’acqua è capace di far accrescere le prestazioni del cervello e aumentarne il funzionamento del 14%. Bere da uno a tre bicchieri d’acqua in più è stato provato potenziare come minimo del 14% le prestazioni cognitive e psichiche. Un recente studio diffuso su Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, e condotto da scienziati della School of  Psychology dell’Università di East London in Inghilterra, ha provato con certezza l’efficacia dell’acqua sulla mente (anche…), non solo genericamente per la salute, ma potenziante per il cervello. – UEL study finds that drinking water improves reactions: Researchers at the University of East London have discovered that people who drank a pint of water before conducing mental tasks had reaction times that were 14% faster than those who did not have a drink. Furthermore, the effect was more noticeable in participants who were already thirsty, apt during the hot weather.Dr Edmonds, senior lecturer in UEL’s School of Psychology, who led the study, working with colleagues at the University of Westminster, asked 34 volunteers to perform a

range of mental activities after a night of not drinking any fluid. Before each test they were given a cereal bar and either a pint of water or just a cereal bar alone.Dr Edmonds said: “Reaction time seemed to be most affected by water, particularly if the people were thirsty. It might be because when you are thirsty, it diverts your attention away from the task at hand. This would be important for people in situations where concentration is key. “There are also hormonal theories about how dehydration affects the brain and it is possible that water is fixing an imbalance there too. Around 80 per cent of the brain is water, so it is clearly important to make sure it gets enough.” Dr Edmond’s team had earlier this year discovered that brining water into exams may help to up student grades by improving attention span and memory. She is now conducting tests on whether the temperature of the water may also play a part. – The University of East London (UEL) is a global learning community with over 28,000 students from over 120 countries world-wide. Our vision is to achieve recognition, both nationally and internationally, as a successful and inclusive regional university proud of its diversity, committed to new modes of learning which focus on students and enhance their employability, and renowned for our contribution to social, cultural and economic development, especially through our research and scholarship. We have a strong track-record in widening participation and working with industry. News from: University of East London.  – Bevi più acqua! –

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