Sprout the pencil ecological plant becomes: Sprout, a pencil with a seed

“What if instead of throwing your pencil stubs away you could plant them and have them grow into something delicious, beautiful, and fun?  What if pencils could grow?” Students in MIT 2.744 Product Design, a graduate seminar in the Department of Mechanical Engineering taught by Prof. David Wallace, have designed a pencil with a water activated seed at its tip — when the high quality cedar pencil becomes too short to use, it can be planted, and will grow into a flower, herb, or vegetable. Sprout is a pencil that wants to be a plant when it grows up. When it’s too short to use, plant Sprout to grow herbs, flowers and more! What if instead of throwing your pencil stubs away you could plant them and have them grow into something delicious, beautiful, and fun?  What if pencils could grow? Sprout is a pencil

with a seed inside.  When it’s too short to use, it can be planted at home, at the office, or in the classroom.  (If you’re really excited to plant Sprout, you can do so before it’s too short.)  Sprout is Made in the USA. Flavors of Sprout:  Sprout comes in a number of delicious flavors.We’ve got lots of ideas for new varieties and would love to hear what your favorites are. Imagine a Sprout colored pencil set where the color of the flower matches the color of the pencil… did I hear anyone say “stretch goal”?Writing With Sprout: We really like writing with wooden pencils.  They have a tactile feel that even the best mechanical pencils can’t match.  Getting up to sharpen them forces us to take a break and look around, a great way to reconnect during a long problem set.  We designed Sprout around a high quality Ticonderoga cedar pencil body.  It’s a great writing experience.  And it smells really nice too. Sprout doesn’t have an eraser because we don’t believe in making mistakes.  We’ve never been happy with the stock erasers on pencils, they tend to be too small and low quality.  We want every part of using Sprout to be fun, so instead of sacrificing overall quality (and adding cost and complexity) by grafting on an eraser, we scrapped it entirely.  Putting an eraser in it would have been a mistake.  There’s a lot of

good “external” erasers out there, we’re happy to make some recommendations.  And who knows, we may be putting seeds in them too soon enough. Planting Sprout: When Sprout is too short to use, it can be planted to grow into a wonderful flower, herb, or vegetable. The seed capsule is water activated, the first few times you water Sprout dissolves the protective capsule and starts the seed’s germination. The pencil shaft can be kept in the soil as a helpful labeled planting marker or it can be removed.  We’ve planted dozens of Sprouts and have found that they usually sprout in around a week. The History of Sprout: We met in a graduate product design course at MIT and were tasked with creating a product for the eco-friendly office of the future.  We came up with Sprout!  While Sprout is eco-equivalent to a standard pencil, we think that it’s a nice way to reconnect with our environment.  We’re particularly excited about getting Sprout into the hands of kids, getting them off the street and into the garden! For more informations: Ing. Mario Bollini. Read more about Sprout on their Kickstarter campaign. News from: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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