Jetman soars over Rio De Janeiro. A Professional Pilot with the Approach of a Pioneer…

Rio De  Janeiro, May  2:” Yves  “Jetman”  Rossy  continue  to  push  the  boundaries  of  aviation  by successfully completing a flight, this morning at 10h45, under a sunny sky over, the city of Rio de Janeiro.  The pioneering Yves Rossy, who is the only person to fly with a rigid wing equipped with four jet engines,  dropped  from  a  helicopter over  Lagoa  Rodrigo  de  Freitas, where  he  stabilised  the wing and  headed  full  throttle  north  to  circumvent  Corcovado.  He  then  tracked  south of the city to fly alongside  Ipanema,  Copacabana,  and  Sugar  Loaf Mountain,  before  pulling  his  parachute  and safely landing on the infamous Copacabana beach.  The carbon-kevlar Jetwing has four engines attached, which each offer a thrust of 22kg, propelling the Swiss aviator through the South American skies at between 200-300kph, controlled by a simple throttle in his hand. The  rest of the controls are left to the human-fuselage, Yves Rossy himself who simply usages his shoulders, body and legs to steer, pitch and descend. The  total  flight  took 11 minutes 35 seconds averaging altitudes of 1200 metres and no problems were  reported  before,  during  or  after  the  flight.  Although,  Yves  Rossy,  a  former  fighter  pilot  and Swiss Airlines captain ensured that stringent safety measures and procedures were in place.  A Professional Pilot with the Approach of a Pioneer, supported by a Worldwide Partner of Aviation. Yves  Rossy  first  started  developing  the  Jetman  project  in  1993,

and  in  2008  completed  the  first significant  Jetman  feat  by  crossing  the English Channel.  In 2010  the Swiss watchmaker Breitling, joined as a main sponsor and  the  joint venture has  continued  to achieve many aviation  firsts. To date Jetman supported by Breitling has completed aerobatics  from  the Breitling Orbiter  balloon, flown over the Grand Canyon skies and most recently flown in formation with two L-39c Albatros Jets from the Breitling Jet team.  The  unique  cityscape  of  Rio  provided  the  perfect  backdrop  to  this  latest  flight. With  the  strong natural elements of the mountains, lagoons and beaches. Yves Rossy describes his expereince; “It will be difficult  to find a more beautiful  city  than Rio. Flying  in  front of Christ  the  redeemer,  it seemed  like  it was  just  him  and me.  It was  very  spritual  to be face-to-face with  such  a  symbol of peace. “  “I would like to thank the city of Rio and everyone who made this happen. The message for this flight go and realise your dreams !“  Breitling: In  order  to  share  it’s  passion  for  aviation,  Swiss  watchmaker  Breitling  supports  unique  aviation events, teams and achievements. Breitling  is a proud sponsor of Yves Rossy and the Jetman project and admires the determination he shows to constantly push the boundaries, to shape the future of  flight. For more information see

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