To not look back in anger using the left (or right if you are left). Don’t look back in anger…

Neural correlates of reappraisal, analytical rumination, and angry rumination during recall of an anger-inducing autobiographical memory. Abstract: Despite the enormous costs associated with unrestrained anger, little is known about the neural mechanisms underlying anger regulation. Behavioral evidence supports the effectiveness of reappraisal in reducing anger, and demonstrates that rumination typically maintains or augments anger. To further understand the effects of different anger regulation strategies, during functional magnetic resonance imaging 21 healthy male and female undergraduates recalled an anger-inducing autobiographical memory. They then engaged in three counterbalanced anger regulation strategies: reappraisal, analytical rumination, and angry rumination. Reappraisal produced the least self-reported anger followed by analytical rumination and angry rumination. Rumination was associated with increased functional connectivity of the inferior frontal gyrus with the amygdala and thalamus. Understanding how neural regions interact during anger regulation has important implications for reducing anger and violence. The Displaced Aggression Questionnaire: The displaced aggression questionnaire (DAQ) is a 31-item self-report measure designed to assess individual differences in trait displaced aggression. In other words, when some people are in a bad mood, they are likely to “take it out” on innocent others. The DAQ assesses just such a personality trait and appears in the following article:Denson, T. F., Pedersen, W. C., & Miller, N. (2006). The Displaced Aggression Questionnaire. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 90, 1032-1051. PDF. In this article we demonstrated that the DAQ predicted displaced aggression in two laboratory experiments and predicted road rage and domestic violence. You can download a copy of the questionnaire with scoring instructions by clicking on the link below. Download the DAQ. – Prof. Tom Denson;   Research Areas: The causes and consequences of anger and aggression in humans; Aggressive personality; Biological correlates of anger and angry rumination; Intergroup aggression; Prejudice. Sources: National Center for Biotechnology  &  School of Psychology, University of New South Wales, Australia

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