The Car of the Future ~ Electrical & Ecological VIDEO

Mithos ElectroMagnetic Sports-car Concept by Tiago Inacio. MITHOS EV is a futuristic electric car created by a Portuguese Designer with Twenty-Second century technology. Student Design: Mithos Electro Magnetic Concept. Today’s design students are tomorrow automotive designers. It is well worth taking note at what they produce considering the future impact they could have on the industry we love so much. On this ocassion we present to you a creation by graduate Tiago Miguel Inácio who has created this intriguing Mithos Electromagnetic Vehicle Concept. It was originally created in 2006 when Tiago was studying Industrial Design, it has since been updated with this superb animated teaser video which took around 3 months to make. More info: Mithos Electromagnetic Vehicle. – The Car of the Future –

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