The Secrets of the Female Orgasm VIDEO

Female Orgasm in Brodmann Brain Regions. The human brain can be separated into regions based on structure and function – vision, audition, body sensation, etc, known as Brodmann’s area map. This animation shows the functional magnetic resonance imaging, fMRI, brain data of a participant experiencing an orgasm and the corresponding relationships seen within these different regions based on utilization of oxygen levels in the blood. 20 snapshots in time of the fMRI data are taken from a 7 minute sequence. Over the course of the 7 minutes the participant approaches orgasm, reaches orgasm and then enters a quiet period.Oxygen utilization levels are displayed on a spectrum from dark red (lowest activity) to yellow/white (highest). As can be observed, an orgasm leads to almost the entire brain illuminating yellow, indicating that most brain systems become active at orgasm. –  Professor Barry R. Komisaruk ; Adjunct Professor, Dept. Radiology, New Jersey College of Medicine, University of

Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.  We have identified a novel functional sensory pathway that conveys sensory activity from the vagina and cervix directly to the brain, bypassing completely the spinal cord. This genital sensory pathway is via the Vagus nerve, and it produces brain-mediated responses to vaginal-cervical stimulation in women who have suffered “complete” spinal cord injury, at any level of the spinal cord (Komisaruk et al, 2004). These women may also show sexual responses, including orgasm, to vaginal-cervical self-stimulation. We have found that vaginal-cervical stimulation also produces a potent blockage of pain throughout the body in women and laboratory animals. The Vagus nerve pathway suggests a means to rehabilitation of sexual and other visceral function after spinal cord injury. We have published the first evidence of brain regions involved in orgasm in women (Komisaruk et al, 2004). We have published a comprehensive review of neurological, pharmacological, hormonal, and health aspects of orgasm in our book, “The Science of Orgasm,” by Komisaruk, Beyer-Flores and Whipple, (2006) published by The Johns Hopkins University Press (JHUP), now in its second printing, and received a best book award from the SSSS/Kinsey Institute. A companion book, written in less technical form, will soon be published by JHUP: “The Orgasm Answer Guide,” by Komisaruk, Whipple, Nasserzadeh, and Beyer-Flores. A comprehensive review of our research is in press (Komisaruk, Whipple and Beyer, 2008). News from: Rutgers University

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