Electro Power Systems selected as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2012

Prestigious award recognizes the company’s unique vision, pragmatic execution and its ElectroSelf fuel cell system, one of the most innovative technologies of 2012 – Electro Power Systems SpA  (ElectroPS) has been selected by  the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer 2012, a prestigious award granted  to  visionary companies whose cutting edge technologies are transforming business and society. The honor was presented  in  recognition  of  the  company’s  use  of  fuel  cell  technology  to  provide  clean,  efficient back-up power, power grid/renewables extension and optimization, anywhere in the world. An integral part of the ElectroPS advantage is the ElectroSelf fuel cell system, the World’s only self-recharging,  logistics-free  backup  power  solution.  ElectroSelf  is  an  enabling  technology  for Distributed Energy and significantly increases the value of small-scale renewables infrastructures by minimizing  the mismatch  in energy production and consumption.  It does  this by efficiently  storing

energy  from  the  grid  or  when  renewables  are  plentiful,  and  instantaneously  releasing  energywhenever there is a power dip or outage. ElectroPS  combines  revolutionary  long-term  vision  (easy-to-use  fuel  cells  at  an  accessible  price) with  concrete  and  pragmatic  execution  (over  600  units  have  been  installed  within  core markets worldwide). The company will be recognized for its work at the Annual Meeting of New Champions in Dalian, People’s Republic of China, from 14 to 16 September 2011. The  World  Economic  Forum  (www.weforum.org)  is  a  prestigious  independent  international organization  committed  to  improving  the  state  of  the  world  by  engaging  business,  political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.  Since 2000, the World Economic Forum has recognized innovative start-ups from around the world in  the  areas  of  IT  and  new  media,  energy  and  environment,  and  life  sciences  and  health. Technology Pioneers are at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship. They are selected by an  independent  committee  comprised  of  Forum  Partner  companies,  representatives  from  the venture investments community and academic leaders. About ElectroSelf ; ElectroSelf  is a compact,  intelligent, closed-loop  fuel cell system  that  is able  to store energy  from the  grid  or  when  renewables  are  plentiful,  and  instantaneously  release  energy  when  there  is  a power dip or outage. It engages automatically whenever external power fails, and whenever power is  available  it  automatically  generates  its  own

  hydrogen  and  oxygen  from  water.  The  ability  to automatically  store  and  release  energy  enables  ElectroSelf  to minimize  the mismatch  in  energy production from smart grids, and effectively leverage renewable energy in parts of the world that still lack grid infrastructures. About Electro Power Systems; Italian-based Electro Power Systems is the emerging leader in fuel cell systems for mission-critical backup power applications, Electro Power Systems’ self-recharging ElectroSelf platform was named “Most Innovative Product Enabling a Greener World” at the GSMA’s Mobile Innovation EMEA event in June 2009. The Company has a robust Intellectual Property portfolio, a track record of successful innovation and a growing  revenue base. At present, over 600  fuel cell power systems have been installed within Europe, Asia, Africa and  the Americas. Electro Power Systems  is still managed by its cofounders and has recently opened branches within the UK and India. Its shareholders include selected  strategic  partners  and  key  institutional  investors.  More  information  can  be  found  at www.electrops.it. ElectroSelf is a trademark of Electro Power Systems SpA. Contacts:  Rohini Manthri

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