College students largest sperm donor group in China

College Students Ease Lack of Sperm Donations. A growing number of college students have become sperm donors in this southern city, thanks to improved attitudes and increased subsidies.Sources with the Guangdong human sperm bank said that more than 95 percent of sperm donors are college students, whose donations are helping to ease the sperm shortage that has been troubling infertile couples for several years.Only healthy men between the ages of 22 and 45 can give sperm once in their lifetime, according to the Ministry of Health. Gay men and foreign nationals are prohibited. Men must visit a sperm bank three times for initial tests and undergo blood screening if their sample makes the grade. They then have to return about 10 times to donate.A qualified donor can receive as much as 3,000 yuan ($448) in subsidies if he finishes the sperm process, sources with the bank said.”It doesn’t mean they are selling sperm. We are providing meals and transport fees and compensation for loss of working time,” said Tang Lixin, director of the Guangdong sperm bank. The Guangdong institution, one

of 10 sperm banks in the country, received more than 900 donors last year, an increase of almost 100 percent over the average of previous years.”Some students donate sperm for the increased subsidies, but most regard the donation as an act of charity to help those needing artificial insemination,” Tang said.Three years ago, as many as 80 percent of infertile couples failed to find sperm donors due to the limited supply, according to Tang.In China, about 10 percent of couples, many of whom live in big cities, are infertile, according to the bank.”The situation has improved in recent years as more people, especially college students, have developed an interest in donating sperm,” Tang said.”Students are much more open-minded than older generations.” Moreover, the percentage of sperm that is acceptable has increased from 20 percent three years ago to 30 percent last year, according to the bank’s sources. “Many students with master and doctor degrees come to donate sperm. Their sperm is more valuable,” Tang said. Students, like Liu Guohao, from Guangzhou Medical University, said sperm donations are important in helping infertile couples.”I’m not worried about the social discrimination. It is very normal,” Liu said.The Guangdong sperm bank has formed a close cooperative relationship with student unions in some universities in recent years to attract more students to donate sperm.”Union members normally talk to students one on one in private about sperm donation, which works for us,” said Tang Lixin, adding the bank has also promoted donating on university

websites.”We are calling on more college students in key universities to donate sperm. They will form the core of the sperm donation system in the near future,” Tang said. –  Guangzhou Medical University (GMU), founded in 1958, situated near the Liuhua Lake Park in the center of Guangzhou, is a full-time medical University. GMU is qualified by Ministry of Education, China to recruit international medical students in English since 2010.Guangzhou Medical University is composed of four campuses,the Main Campus is located in Dongfeng Xi Road and the other three campuses respectively located in Longdong,Haizhu and Jianggao.There are School of Basic Science, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Public Health and General Practice, Nursing School,Graduate School, School of Continuing Education , as well as three clinical schools combined with affiliated hospitals in GMU. Every year, GMU recruits 1,500 undergraduates and 550 postgraduates (master and doctors).There are 15 full time undergraduate medical programs, including Clinical Medicine, Medical Laboratory, Medical Imaging, Nursing, Anesthesiology, Oral Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Pharmacy, Rehabilitation Therapy , Health Administration, Biomedical Engineering , Applied Psychology , Biotechnology, Western Medicine in Clinical Medicine and Law. The M.A. programs and Ph.D. programs are totally 17. News from:  Guangzhou Medical University  &

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