Il Circo della Farfalla ~ The Butterfly Circus

Uno splendido e commovente cortometraggio dove speranza, tenacia e bellezza sono le protagoniste assolute. Coprotagonista Nick Vujicic, oratore motivazionale che tocca profondamente per la sua gioia di vivere il suo coraggio e la sua fede, nonostante la sua disabilità. The Butterfly Circus (sottotitoli in italiano) is a short film created by Joshua and Rebekah Weigel in 2009. The production was completed in 12 days by a cast and crew of over 150 people, on locations in the Southern California regions of the

San Gabriel Mountains, Riverside, Palmdale and Santa Clarita. The short garnered its first award as the Grand Prize winner of The Doopost Film Project, and then went on to win subsequent awards at festivals around the world.By July 2010, the film had already accumulated over 7 million collective online views primarily through posts on YouTube. It also featured Latino celebrity Eduardo Verástegui (Bella), Doug Jones who played the Pale Man in ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’, the Silver Surfer in ‘Fantastic Four-Rise of the Silver Surfer’ and Abe Sapien in ‘Hellboy I & II’. Nick Vujicic, an international motivational and evangelistic speaker from Australia who was born without arms or legs, debuted in film and received the Best Actor award for his starring performance as Will at the 2010 Method Fest Independent Film Festival. Along with his many life experiences, Nick recounts working on the film in his book titled Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life (Random House, 2010). Director Joshua Weigel has stated that he will be working on writing a feature-length version of the script. Leggi anche: L’incoraggiatore professionista Nick Vujicic si è sposato. – Il Circo della Farfalla ~ Antonello Ferri

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