Un Milione di Bambini si sono Riuniti: “Let’s Come Together to Change the World”

Lo scorso 11 dicembre 2010 al Tempio buddista Dhammakaya in Tailandia un milione di bambini  si sono riuniti per meditare insieme per la pace nel mondo e per prendersi l’impegno di essere un giorno, quando saranno grandi, dei leader virtuosi.Un evento senza precedenti per la rinascita morale e spirituale. Fonte: spaziosacro.it “Change The World” by One Million V-Star Children & Howard McCrary. Now the new historic world event on Saturday December 11th, 2010 has been the talk of the world when over 1,000,000 children gathering to do good deeds at Dhammakaya Temple and take a pledge to be virtuous leaders . This event had arranged by the kind adults and the Most Ven. Phrarajbhavanavisudh’s disciples from all around the world. Project Introduction — The Moral Revival for the World.This

unprecedented project for the Moral Revival of the World was created and initiated by the Most Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh ( Luang Phor Dhammajayo ) The Abbot of Wat Phradhamakaya. His main goal is to drive home the importance of cultivating a deep sense of right and wrong and instill in the minds of the youth around the world an unshakable guiding awareness and appreciation of timeless moral values that can guide and preserve them throughout their lives. This deep awareness can be achieved in the lives of the youth today by continual training and the creating of new positive habits on a daily basis. These habits based on solid moral and ethical teachings automatically engender good thought, good speech and good actions benefiting not only the individual by all of society and the world! Since the V-Star Unity Project began in 2007, organizing committees for the program have provided full scholarships and all manner of learning media as well as equipment to both facilitate and directly cultivate a genuine moral and ethical awareness for all the youth who have attended the project. The

V-Star Unity Project has a nation wide biannual continuing morals based follow-up educational plan to reinforce the teachings and monitor how well the participating students are progressing.During this time period realistic evaluations are conducted to measure the effectiveness and success of raising the moral standards of the youth from the participating schools throughout Thailand simultaneously twice a year.In the past years, without fail, during every evaluation, more than 500,000 students from 5,000 schools have faithfully participated. On this occasion, The International Buddhist Society under the patronage of the Most Ven. Somdejphramaharatchamangkalajahn, has requested that Wat Phradhammakaya provide the sites and vast facilities of The Saphadhammakayasakol { The Great Meditation Hall}, The Grand Meditation Stadium as well as the Grand Meditation Square, all of which are located in the temple in Pathumthani Thailand. These magnificent structures and locales will be the center for all the evaluating activities mentioned. As of this the fifth evaluation, there will be a great deal of students not only from Buddhist schools but many other inter-denominational schools coming to participate in a multitude of exciting and fun filled activities on V-Star Day. Change The World”. Composed by Howard McCrary Lyric by The Abbot of Dhammakaya Foundation.

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