The Biodegradable Shoe that sprouts Trees

Tired of throwing your old sneakers in the garbage? Now you can plant a garden with them instead  –  News from: OAT Shoes  –  We won second prize at the Green Fashion Awards during the Amsterdam International Fashion week! We’re so stoked! It was such a hectic day yesterday starting with an early rise at 5.30 to be in time to set up our gear and get the models ready for the show. Mariel had been running around all week to get our wheelbarrow looking spotlessly white, hooking us up with moss from the ‘dakdokters’ -roof doctors-, finding the perfect bonsai tree, arranging the models, transportation, the hottest white briefs for our models and all the things that you need but don’t know about to make Adam and Eve walk out of Paradise with the Shoe of Life!So we got to the Westerpark venue around 7 and explored the hectic backstage area where models and designers were groping for coffee to cope with what was going to be a long and hectic day. Our eyes opened with caffeine, we got to work to make our wheelbarrow the best lookin’ wheelbarrow ever to grace a runway! -the models were the easy part, they were looking pretty great right off the bat-. In the meantime a crew from MTV came by to interview us and shoot our preparations for the show, so in about two weeks everyone in Holland will be able to enjoy watching Chris and Mariel mucking about with iron wire, sneakers and moss.. but you might also get a second peak at our handsome Adam and Eve walking the runway AND watch us win the second prize! YEAH! “The future of fashion lies in a reconciliation between nature and industry. OAT Shoes strives to lead the way to that future.” Actually the future, our future lies in a reconciliation between industry and nature, between mankind and nature. We have to close the loop, come full circle and realize

we’re an integral part of the whole thing. We are nature, we were born from it, live in it and we’ve been playing around with it for a while now, building cities and roads and running around, not minding too much about keeping the place clean. And now, up to our knees in waste and with mother earth losing her temper, it’s time for some spring cleaning. And that starts with making greener choices..What we do, what we say, what we make, use or throw out has an impact, however big or small. Every day you can choose what that impact is going to be. Toxic or clean, naughty or nice. Making greener choices isn’t always easy though. Choosing green often means having to make concessions on appearance, functionality, price or convenience. A convenient example: how do you choose what shoes you want to buy? Do you look at style and comfort, or ethical implications? Considering the amount of sexy sneakers out there, odds are style is what makes the difference and we can’t really blame you, because that’s how we choose our shoes. Still, we don’t agree with the situation: we want to be able to choose green and style. And since that doesn’t seem to exist, we decided to take the first step with OAT Shoes. May it cater to all of you in search of some conscious style! OAT Shoes Amsterdam

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