La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc 8th to the 19th of January 2011

The world’s most challenging sled dog race . An extraordinary competition. Spectacular trails. Outstanding competitors. 1000 km in the Alpes for an amazing race, 25 000 m of positive hight difference , 22 among the best mushers in the world  , 300 dogs real snow marathon runners. La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc  is one of  the  few playgrounds where mushers can enjoy  the  beauty that is found in this snow capped mountain paradise. La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc is also  the story of a dream. The dream of a great adventure  that would cross  the Alpine peaks while  the standard of the sleddog sport for decades, was to run on frozen grounds with little relief.   This dream imagined by

Nicolas Vanier and Henry Kam became a reality in January 2005 on the first edition of La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc.  Beyond the sporting competition, while in the Great North snowmobiles have replaced snow sleds, La Grande  Odyssée  Savoie  Mont  Blanc  gets  back  in  touch  with  the  adventure  with  a  capital  A  and promotes a certain vision of sport, nature and respect for the environment. Sharing  the same values,  the whole mountain  territory between Savoie and Haute-Savoie, between Switzerland and France, is mobilized to bring success to this extraordinary race, under the banner of  Savoie Mont Blanc.”  Spectacular Trails , 70% off ski areas. 50% during night time.  bivouacs in the mountains. A real race at each stage . Classification at each stage. Prize money at the general ranking. 100 000 $ prize money distributed. Outstanding competitors 22  among  the  best  mushers  in  the  world  coming  from  11 countries and  2 continents. Men and women running the same race for the same ranking.  General Rules; Each Musher will  have    a  pool  of  14  dogs.  Each  dog  is  identified  by  a microchip  injected  under  the  skin  and  identifiable  by  one  of  the  7 veterinarians present throughout the race.  The musher has the same pool for all of La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc. For each stage, a maximum number of dogs allowed for departure and a minimum number on arrival may be indicated by the race direction  according to the difficulties of the track. For instance, 10 dogs maximum  at departure and 8 at arrival. The musher has the possibility to drop its

dogs if they are tired, at some specific checkpoints.  It  is  compulsory  to  carry  in  the  sled  a  tired  or injured dog if there is no allowed area to drop the dog. A dropped dog or a dog in a sled must be examined as soon as possible by an official veterinarian. Dog  health  is  a  concern  of  all  times.  A  veterinarian  has  the  power  to punish or exclude a musher who did not take care of its dogs properly.   Anti-doping; Anti-doping  controls  will  be  conducted  on  dogs  by  veterinarians  of  the race and by authorized organizations. The rules describe precisely the list of approved products and those which are not allowed. Anti-doping  controls  are  also  conducted  on  mushers  by  random  urine sample collection. Compulsory equipment; The musher must have  in  its sled or on him specific required equipment either in respect of its security (Arva, GPS signal) or its survival (sleeping bag  for  low  temperatures)  or  its  dogs’  survival  (food).  The  Race Marshall  (judge) and his assistants  shall ensure good  compliance with the regulations throughout the race and punish violators  The musher (sled-driver), who wins the Arctic Alps  Cup, will be the one who would have received most points at the end of both races. Each race will  give  points  to  the  mushers  according  to  their  placement  in comparison  to  the  other mushers  competing  in  the  Arctic  Alps  Cup.  In order to achieve a ranking in the Cup, a musher have to finish both races  in the same year. The one who becomes the winner will have to show his or her skills as a musher in relation to the dogs and their

athletic ability to face the steep mountains of the Alps and the frigid cold and loneliness of the Arctic. A symbolic event charged with values .A musher  lives  in  full  harmony with  nature. His  survival  depends  on  the  intimate relationship  that  he  creates  and  maintains with his dogs. A Musher  leads  his  team with  his  voice,  he has neither whip nor rein and he is forbidden, under penalty of immediate removal from the race,  of  mistreatment  of  his  dogs. The  bonding  between  the  musher  and  his dogs  can  exist  only  after  long  years  of training and caring for his dogs. The  sport of  sled  is  respectful of nature and the environment. This activity is ancestral, over 5000 years old and  probably  the  oldest  means  of transportation that man has created.  For all these reasons, La Grande Odyssée Savoie  Mont  Blanc  is  a  symbolic  event for  those  who  think  we  have  a responsibility  in  the  state  of  the  planet we leave to our children. In  this  spirit  some  companies  in  the sustainable development sector bring support to La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc. Many  “edutainment”  operations  are  realized around  La  Grande  Odyssée  Savoie  Mont Blanc, with the youth as a priority target. Respect  of nature Respect  of the environnement Respect of  the animal world Authentic effort Ancestral  activity Result of hard and long work Solidarity Adventure in the wild Environmental Policy.  An opportunity for great happenings.  News from:

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