Just As Beautiful Magazine is the UK’s No1 lifestyle magazine for curvy women

We’ve had so many letters and emails from you, our readers, asking for printed issues of Just As Beautiful that we just had to listen. Now we’re excited to announce that our September/October issue will be available to order (worldwide) in print from this website on 14th September. It will also be available from selected stores nationwide (keep popping back here to find out where). We sent out survey questions to hundreds of our readers to find out what you want from a woman’s magazine. You told us you wanted to feel good and to be able to read something with some ‘bite’ that will get you thinking, as well as to show you fashion that you can wear. Basically, you wanted all the things a regular woman’s magazine should give you, without any of the usual chipping away at your self confidence. We’ve worked hard to give you what you want and we hope we’ve created the best magazine there is for you. We’re the only printed publication of our kind in the UK, so please help us to support you and subscribe to receive our limited content digital issue and to get details of how and where to order our fabulous printed issue. Just As Beautiful Magazine is “the UK’s No1 lifestyle magazine dedicated to the curvy woman”. It is also the number one magazine in Britain and Europe catering to the plus-size market. Following a market trial late December 2006, the first issue of Just As Beautiful Magazine was published in January 2007. Since then, thousands of people have (and continue) to subscribe to the UK’s official mouthpiece for the real-size and plus-size community. Published towards the middle of the month (unlike other magazines that are published at the beginning of the month), Just As Beautiful Magazine is a bi-monthly publication which offers readers valuable and exclusive information on curvy and plus-size celebrities, fashion, beauty, modelling, entertainment and real life stories. Just As Beautiful Magazine is also used by both British and international media to reach the plus-size market. News from:  Just As Beautiful

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