With 210 children, Akuku Danger takes his last bow

Kenya’s most prominent polygamist dies. He claimed that he was called Danger, because he defeated many men with his handsomeness. Kenya’s most prominent polygamist Akuku Danger has died. The man who was just six years short of making it a century old and whose real name is Ancentus Akuku Ogwela died in Kisumu early Sunday after a short illness according to his son Dr. Walter Akuku. Akuku will be most remembered as a man who married over 100 wives and divorced as many as 30 in his controversial marital life. 0ut of those Akuku sired over 160 children. His first wife was Dinah Akuku whom he married in 1939 while the youngest wife, Josephine Akuku 35 was married in 1992. The polygamist who was known in his home area, as Danger Akuku will be remembered for his trademark short pants which he wore most of the times and a towering height that helped to reinforce his dominance over the very many women he wooed and married. So large was his family that he built a school and a church for them. Akuku never shied away from the ever-inquisitive public over his remarkable charm to woo many women and just how he managed to pull off his matrimonial duties. He attributed his long life to a diet of traditional foodstuffs and traditional vegetables and fermented milk. By his own admission Akuku had lost track of the size of his own extended family including the many grand and great grandchildren. He collapsed at his home reportedly due to high blood pressure complications and was pronounced dead on arrival at the New Nyanza General Hospital. News from: Kenya Broadcasting Corporation   kbc.co.ke

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