The Big Stripper for Charity (warning: there is naked content in some of the photos in this story)

Brits break naked roller coaster riding record on the Green Scream.  Why, why would you do this? For charity. One hundred and two nudists and roller coaster enthusiasts turned up in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, to board the Green Scream in the buff. The Press Association story starts off with: From bare nipples to white knuckles – more than 100 thrill-seekers have riden a rollercoaster naked. The group was raising money for Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation’s Bosom Pals Appeal, a breast cancer charity. For some, it must have been the only reason to expose their privates to all those G forces in public. It appears it was well worth it: The group raised tens of thousands of dollars at Adventure Island today. This particular roller coaster.  Apparently, the Brits have some sort of attraction for riding roller coasters in the nude. The previous world record, set in 2004, was set by just 32 naked thrillseekers in Staffordshire. (Count on to be keeping track.) Enough said about this. Now that you’ve seen the pictures, shall we move on? Most naked people on rollercoaster.  In 2004,

Nemesis at Alton Towers gained the world record for the most naked people to ride a roller coaster. 32 people took part, beating the previous record of 28 held by Nemesis Inferno at Thorpe Park. The event took place to celebrate 50 years of Guinness World Records.   –  Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation Bosom Pals Appeal;  Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the UK. One in nine women will develop breast cancer at some point in their lifetime and men can get breast cancer too: around 300 men in the UK are diagnosed every year. But there is hope for the future. Treatment for breast cancer has seen great improvements in recent years, with more patients living longer. Much of this success is due to earlier diagnosis and improved screening. We want to give patients the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer. That’s why Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation has joined forces with Bosom Pals patient support group to buy two new digital mammography machines and associated computer equipment for the women of South Essex. Having the new screening equipment will allow Southend University Hospital improve cancer detection rates. Lead clinician and breast surgeon Mr Neil Rothnie explains: “The new digital equipment uses improved technology which provides shorter examination times, better technique and image quality. “Having this at Southend will help us improve the detection of early and small cancers and provide local people with one of the best breast care services in the UK.”  The appeal will also fund improvements to the Breast Unit at Southend University Hospital, including enhancements to the patient environment and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. And we need your support to raise £750,000 towards this ambitious project. So far, we have raised £400,000 towards our goal. Some of your money is already making a difference – for example, the breast unit recently took delivery of a second MRI coil for use in helping with women whose cancers may be more difficult to detect. You can help wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, nieces and friends – by making a donation today. To make a donation to the Bosom Pals Appeal, please click here. sources:  &

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