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Introducing the world’s first luxury Amphibious Motor Coach / Yacht  We have combined the best features of world class yachts and Motor Coaches  in a revolutionary design and  YES IT DOES GO IN THE WATER! The production Terra Wind will be slightly different than the prototype that was debuted on Good Morning America July 21st. 2003. We will be producing the standard model as a tandem rear axle and with 2 engines on a 45′ hull. The first unit was built with two things specifically in mind. First, was to prove to the world it can be done successfully and safely. Second, was to build it with a single rear axle and one engine. This was the hardest to do as weight and balance is everything as it relates to stability on the water.  With 2 engines we will be able to provide more Hp to the road (up to 500 Hp). We will use a separate marine engine in the 2-300 Hp range. What this does is raise the stability factor even more than we have now by lowering the weight in the vehicle’s

center of gravity. We will also be adding stability sponsons to the units as a standard feature. This is to allow you to use the room slide out features on the water. We are also now building the trailer for the Terra Wind. This trailer will be able to float just as the coach does. We will be able to carry 1 car, and a golf cart or 2 jet ski’s for an added toy.  This will also be an added “party barge” with flat roof for sunning and diving from. About Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International LLC Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International ( C.A.M.I.) Was founded in 1999 by John and Julie Giljam. John and Julie Giljam live in South Carolina. They started in the amphibious business with an operation on Hilton Head Island. They owned Cool Stuff Tours for years. The Giljam’s ran with an old LARC V built in 1963 for the Vietnam War. After running with that cantankerous vehicle John decided a new vehicle was needed. He designed and built the Hydra-Terra from the ground up. He wanted a vehicle that did not rely on an antiquated military unit. He also wanted to be able to walk into an auto parts store to purchase what he needed for the new vehicle. John has been designing and building specialty vehicles all of his adult life. He built farm and construction trucks, oil field service trucks, fire trucks, ambulances, rescue trucks and other specialty vehicles. It is this experience that enabled him to develop the Hydra-Terra, which is fully patented. They are being sold

for both tourism and search/rescue capacity. The vehicles are being used not only throughout the United States of America, but in other countries as well. The next generation of amphibious vehicles that John and Julie designed and built was the motor coach. They call this vehicle the Terra Wind Amphibious Motor Coach. This is a luxurious vehicle in every way possible. It has a Jacuzzi 60” bathtub, marble floors, leather furniture, mirrored ceilings, granite counter tops, and all residential appliances including: a 22 cubit foot  side by side refrigerator with ice and water in the door; a 4 burner glass cook top, Advantium microwave/convection oven; a dishwasher; trash compactor; and a washer/dryer combination. It is truly a beautiful amphibious vehicle. Because of the Terra Wind, a businessman from Florida contacted C.A.M.I.LLC to build a yacht tender. So, John designed and built the H2OEX. This is an all terrain, 4 wheel drive, rugged beast. It has two diesel engines, a GPS mapping system,  roll bars, winches, oversized floatation tires.  It also has flotation foam, you could split the vehicle in quarters and it will not go down. This vehicle can take boat ramps with ease,

but it is truly meant for sandy beaches. The owners will use a crane from their yacht, set the H2OEX on the water and boat over to islands, drive up the beaches and go explore the towns. Now the latest product the World’s Fastest Amphibian, the Hydra Spyder. After almost 2 years of development the Spyder is on the loose. We wanted to have the best of all worlds combined with high performance auto’s and high performance marine. The looks that the Spyder gets are priceless and that is just on the street. If that alone wasn’t enough you should see it hit the water!  C.A.M.I.LLC COOL AMPHIBIOUS MANUFACTURES INTERNATIONAL WE BUILD THE ALL NEW HYDRA-TERRA. If you are looking for a definite change of pace, and can’t remember the last time you had fun at work, you need to check us out. Our international offices are located on the East coast of South Carolina, minutes from Hilton Head Island and the beach, and were only 20 minutes north of Savannah Georgia. We are looking to fill the following  full time positions: Automotive mechanic with  light and medium truck experience. The mechanics will be responsible for new chassis assemble, the

adding and modifying of components for instillation into the Hydra-Terra. Automotive wiring technicians. We need people to build our complete  multi-colored wiring harness .  This will include making new engine wiring along with all other electrical components on the vehicle. All assemble will be done with wire harness boards to make life easier. Welders with aluminum experience. We use 5052 aluminum on the hulls.  Welders with different types of experience are encouraged to apply. Mig welders are used in production, we will train and certify you to the requirements of the United States Coast Guard. Auto body painters. Experienced painters and body prep workers needed. Our product is an all aluminum vehicle that must be properly prepared and painted to a quality finish. Work will also include detailed work and interior installation. Pay is commensurate with experience. Full time employees receive benefit package with health care after 90 days of employment.  email your resume to: jobs@camillc.com news from terrawind.com

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