Science Past and Future

Since the very first satellites carrying scientific instruments were launched, our understanding of the cosmos has improved. The Sun is studied to the core and, beyond our star, the Universe is becoming less obscure. Knowledge of the Universe relates directly to humanitys future. Over decades, ESAs science programme has been conducted with long-term vision and, on many occasions, in international partnerships. The Cosmic Vision initiative is now paving the way for future missions that will launch starting in 2015. Understanding the nature of dark matter, bringing back samples of an asteroid, returning to the moons of Saturn or Jupiter, and establishing whether life existed on Mars, are difficult choices with budgets that are not indefinitely expandable. Priorities have to be set, responsibilities shared, and work must be done in international teams. In pursuing its Space Science effort, Europe is consolidating its technological know-how in many, often unrelated disciplines. The spirit of adventure and exploration also fires the imagination of youngsters, prompting their interest in science.

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