Most Attractive British Protest of 2009

Libertas is a pan-European movement which has grown into a party that will compete for the European Parliament in June 2009. Their mission is a new and democratic European Union that needs to be built from the foundations.
The glamorous British model Amy Diamond has painted her body blue and has covered her nipples in golden stars, and then bravely stepped in front of the British parliament in London.
The half naked Amy, who is the trademark face of Murdoch’s Page 3 portal, joined the campaign of the pan-European Libertas movement, whose leader Robin Matthews claims that they want political transparency, not only at the local level, but at the European level.
The move which definitely attracted attention comes at the moment when Britain is being shaken by a scandal. The scandal involves taxpayers money being spent by ministers like they are feudal power figures, which the independent media call the best thing for British democracy since 1832, when the great reform was passed.
Matthews accompanied the campaign with a comment that is universally applicable and without any problems can be linked to other figures of power in other countries, in which the party leaders hold “golden horses” whilst the people pay their bills.
Matthews said that whilst British ministers are trying to squeeze more and more from each pound, European ministers can seek 264,000 pounds without handing in any bills. He says that the ministers are filling their pockets whilst they are getting fat at our expense.
Besides displaying herself in front of the British parliament, Amy brought a banner along with the slogan “We Demand Exposure”. The girl said for the media that it was a pleasure to strip for Libertas. news from

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