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Out Of Body Experiences
Out-of-body experiences are remarkably common, they are also not easy to dismiss due to the intensity of parapsychological testing carried out on the effect person.
They can occur at any time, but a large proportion of cases are reported by those who are very near to death before being revived. This type of OOBE is more commonly known as a Near-Death Experience (NDE).

Typically, the subject feels split in to two or more aspects – the physical body and the others are described as the mental, astral, subtle or etheric bodies. The most common aspect of OOBE’s is the fact that the subject views their own body from above, in the case of NDE’s, the subject can accurately describe the desperate attempts made to revive them

  • Other commonly reported phenomena include the subject feeling as if they are in a dark tunnel which culminates with a bright white light. They also feel relaxed and as if they need to make a decision – whether to return to the real world or continue down the tunnel of light.There is also sometimes a presence of what the subject describes as a guardian or other protective.

  • In the following video just a representation of the OOBE phenomenon…

Not supposed to be a real image!


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